6 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Product Management!

Why should you consider becoming a PM?

  1. It is a very in-demand role. Every company that is doing something successful in tech, has Product Managers and will always have open roles for Product Managers.
  2. It is open to anyone. Most of these roles will not require the technical skills that I mentioned above. Even if they do require it, it would be at a much lower level than an actual expert. So no matter what your background, as long as you have the right skillset you will be able to do a good job.
  3. The domains are endless, and skills are transferable. As a PM, your skillset includes one important thing. Being able to learn anything quickly to the right depth level. This is very handy because then you have all the options in the world to explore. Want to work in video streaming? Join Netflix. Want to work in Social Media? Work at Instagram. Want to work in fintech? Work at Stripe. There is so much variety, that you won’t get bored.
  4. Career Path is very well structured. You can go from Junior PM, all the way to Chief Product Officer. Enough to aim for.
  5. There are exciting lateral career paths. Once you have had your fill of multiple industries and domains as a PM, you can easily transition into other exciting career paths like being a product consultant, Venture Capitalist, and much more

It is the best training ground for future tech CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Images taken from Google Images

Sunder Pichai: CEO, Google, Alphabet

Satya Nadella: CEO, Microsoft

Susan Wojcicki: CEO, Youtube

Marissa Mayer: Ex-CEO, Yahoo

Steve Jobs: Founder and CEO of Apple, Pixar, Next

Ivan Zhao: Founder and CEO of Notion.

Stewart Butterfield: Founder and CEO of Slack.




I like to write about Product, Tech, Culture, and anything else I can think about

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Tanmay Goel

Tanmay Goel

I like to write about Product, Tech, Culture, and anything else I can think about

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