Want to become a Product Manager? Do these 3 things first!

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1. Absorb Knowledge From All Directions

One of the best ways to learn about the world of PM is to inhale knowledge from all the goldmine sources available online. Even though I was already a PM, a lot of my knowledge still came from reading books, blogs, engaging with leaders on Twitter, LinkedIn, listening to Podcasts, and watching talks and keynotes on Youtube.

  • Books
  • Twitter
  • Podcasts
  • Youtube

2. Do side projects

The best way to experience hands-on product management is to actually build products! You will start understanding the nuances of user needs, building good user experiences, prioritizing features, and speaking to stakeholders.

3. Apply PM mindset and frameworks to your current job

If you think about it. A product isn't something that needs to be digital or physical. Anything that solves a problem makes an impact and has a user is a product. And that means regardless of what your current job is, you can find ways to apply PM mindset to it and improve it.

  1. What is your ‘product’?
  2. What problems does it aim to solve?
  3. Who does it solve these problems for? Who are your users?
  4. What are the current issues of your users? How can you find these out? Research? Data? Competitor Analysis?
  5. How can you apply design thinking principles to find innovative solutions to improve your ‘product’ for your users?
  6. How can you track whether your solution worked or not? What are your metrics?
  7. Apply the easiest way to check whether it's a good solution or not. That's your MVP
  8. Congrats, you just Managed a Product ;)



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