Project Hail Mary - Space Sci-fi at its finest

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Danger Zone: Continue at your own risk

Anyway so Project Hail Mary is an only-hope mission by the human race to stop the apocalypse. After discovering a new life form on Venus that is actually feeding on the sun’s atmosphere, we realize the the sun is losing its brightness. Even if the sun loses 1% brightness, what does that mean? It means, a new ice age, ecological disaster, and basically extinction of the earth’s life as we know it.

Space Travel as a Product

I am after all, a Product Manager, and this book had a lot of detailed passages about how humans used spaceships. The hardware, the software and the user experience of space travel is very interesting to think about. If you are losing oxygen, you dont want to be straddling through complicated screens and buttons to save yourself. There are actual deadly consequences to the product that we might build.


Communication is the baseline of a species. Interspecies communication is the foundation of progress. Grace used his ears to listen and eyes to see. However Rocky’s species (Eridians as they were coined) used sound as a sensing as well as communication mechanism. When Rocky ‘spoke’ he used a distinct combination of notes that could be put on a music scale.

It seems that humanity might just…. figure it out

We are not a perfect species by any means. We have issues with members of our species, emotions and also a blatant disregard for our planet. But regardless of anything, humanity has survived wars, famines, and anything else that was thrown at us. (Sometime by external forces, but usually by ourselves). This book showed that when the whole planet is in danger. interesting alliances could be formed to tackle the issue. A real life example is COVID. When faced with a global crisis, the whole world rallied together to figure it out. Knowledge sharing about the health issues. distribution of vaccines, we did everything globally. It makes me believe that if an alien race does rain down upon us with the intent to destroy us, humanity we will not give in so easily although we might actually deserve it. It’s all about priorities.

Quotes from the book

Here are some quotes I highlighted while reading the book — Hoping I can read these once in a while to be inspired.

  • Sometimes it feels like your mind is running on autopilot. This quote encapsulated that well.
  • When the first set of aliens found were just microscopic bacteria
  • In the end we all have one purpose.
  • Our mind has a very interesting way of digesting fear and helping us deal with it in a tough situation
  • Comparing our brain to a chaotic software
  • Collateral damage is a real concept
  • Sometimes we really take our senses for granted, eyesight is magical
  • An interesting perspective about human history and our purpose and priorities



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